The Summer 2017 Election – Is there breathing space for Landlords?

25th May 2017


Exeter Letting Agents

Yes it does feel as though the landlord bashing by the government over the past 2 years has stopped for the Election with many Government Bills being scrapped for the time being but some things may have passed us by.

But first, what do the various parties have in mind for Private Housing in their manifestos?

We are all aware that the Conservative Party has very little new on the agenda but with the 3% Stamp Duty on BTL property sales, the Section 24 Tax measures (200% for some landlords) and the Tenant Fee ban for Agents.. Do we need any more?!

Labour in their manifesto feels like a blast from the past with support for tenant fees ban, rent controls and minimum tenancy terms. Whilst the Lib Dems proclaim support for the Corporate Build to Rent firms and wish to promote schemes along the lines of Trip Advisor for lettings!

We also have the situation where Gavin Barwell the Housing Minister is located in a marginal seat having only a 165 vote majority. Will there be Cabinet changes to be made after June 8th?

At Fresh Move Exeter Letting Agents we are aware that some legislation has somewhat slipped under the radar but may be very important for landlords such as:

The Housing and Planning Act 2016 which essentially means that Rent Repayment Orders can be imposed on landlords for certain offences since 6/4/17.

– A tenant or Local Authority (if they have been paying benefits) will be able to claim a Rent Repayment Order if the landlord is guilty of certain offences. (Note that they do not necessarily need to be convinced of the offence).

– Offences such as unlawful eviction, using violence to gain entry or possibly operating a HMO without a licence fall under this legislation.

– Failing to comply with an HHSRS Prohibition/improvement Order. Up to 12 months rent can be repaid. There can also be a FIXED PENALTY as an alternative to prosecution which cannot be more than £30,000!

One thing we can be sure of is that housing is such an emotive and political subject there will be more to come.

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