fresh move viewings and management team can assist both new and existing tenants with any enquiries.

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What happens next?

Fresh move provide all applicants with the details of our lettings process and our administration fees. Feel free to contact us at any time or download the below applicants information form that details our lettings process, bank details and fees to secure a property.

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If you have any question then one of our
team would be happy to help.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us by
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My Property File
for Tenants

Simply the best way for you to manage repairs with fresh move. Over 90% of tenants surveyed recently, after using the fresh move repair system preferred it to reporting a problem by telephone or email.
Our picture-based diagnostic system guides tenants to identify their precise issue, educates you on your responsibilities and prompts you to give fresh move the information we need to fix your problem without calls, emails or inspections.

  • No tenant registration
  • 24×7 problem solving
  • 24/7 emergency guidance to tenants
  • Dashboard shows status of all repairs
    in real time.
  • Each issue displays what has happened
    and what needs to happen next so even
    if a fresh move dedicated property manager
    is away repairs can easily be progressed.
  • Issues are prioritised so nothing falls
    between the cracks

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